Music, music and music, something I love, something I believe in and something I live and breathe with

Abbas Abedini

Being a musician makes me feel good, the studio gives me a sense of life, in general, when I'm in my own studio, I'm happiest, it 's really in me that music can make the most of my life.
This is not a dream, it is the reality of my life (4baws)

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Music = Life

Music = Life

The world of music
and 4baws . . .   

4baws started making music and singing at an early age and went to different classes to improve his skills. The story of his acquaintance with the world of music is in his complete biography. His famous phrase that he always says, we are all born of music.
Abbas' acquaintance with music and playing various instruments, and finally the establishment of the studio and the "AAM" label, all of these paved the way for his entry and epic creation. To the extent that he was able to invent a new style and create concept music with secret messages sent to the subconscious. But all this can not show the world of music in which Abbas Abedini has grown and developed, but its scope is much, much greater than human thinking.
Yes! Beyond human thinking . . . 

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